Arby’s                                             905 E. Main St.

BBQ Shed                                         1201 E. Main St.

Braum’s Ice Cream                          323 E. Main St.   

Burger King                                     206 N. Washington

Carl’s Junior                                     925 E. Main St

Casa Soto Mexican Restaurant        115 SW Main St. 

Chicken Express                              601 E Main St.    

Daylight Donuts                             501 E. Main St.   

Domino’s Pizza                               2121 E. Main St., Ste #6

Double 6 Diner                               901 E. Main St.

Downtown Diner                            123 W. Main St.

El Patio Grill                                   310 N. Washington St.

Frieda’s Mexican Grill                    111 W. Main St.

Hibachi Chinese Buffet                   1231 E. Main St.           

Jerry’s Restaurant                          1000 E. Main St.          

Little Caesar’s Pizza                       310 N. Washington St.       
Lucille’s Roadhouse                       1301 Airport Rd.                  
Luigi’s Italian Restaurant               111 W. Main St.  

McDonald’s                                   105 N. Washington St.

Osaki Steakhouse & Sushi              1805 E. Main St.                  
Pecina’s Mexican Café                    1711 E. Main St. 

Pizza Hut                                       309 N. Washington St.

QDOBA                                           114 N. Washington

Quizno’s                                         701 E Main St., Ste A

RX Brew Coffee House                    120 W. College  

Sonic Drive-In                                208 E. Main St.   

Starbucks Coffee House                 201 N. Washington St.

Subway                                          310 N. Washington St.

Taco Mayo                                      500 E. Main St.

The Point                                        2305 E. Main St.

The Shed                                        108 E. Main St.

Wendy’s                                         1009 E. Main St.

White Buffalo Coffee Bar                 725 E. Main St.

Weatherford has ton

of great places to eat!